The 1st International Street-fighting Cup of realistic fighting systems will be held in Greece, October 27th-31st 2010.
The Street-fighting Cup will be held at a historical place called Thermopiles (“hot-gateway”) where the legendary battle of Spartans took place.
Everyone from all over the world who is practicing Reality Based Martial Arts can take part in this Street-fighting Cup.
Fighters who will participate can take part in one or more contests, or in a special category called GRAND CHAMPION STREETFIGHTER by fighting in all 10 different contests (Decathlon).
The potential participants are requested to send their application forms together with the attached CV describing the following:

  1. their achievements in martial arts (diplomas and certificates)
  2. Their experience in fighting in general
  3. The description of their army or military services completed in the past

The above documents must be sent together with the deposit of 60€ until September 15th 2010 at the latest.
The Contest Rules and Regulations each participant will receive when all the required documentation and the deposit will be received and approved by the I.S.U.
If the participation will be approved by the Management Board of the I.S.U, the contest rules and regulations together with the complete program of the 1st International Street-fighting Cup will be sent to the participant by email or post.