The International Street-fighting Union (I.S.U) is an official international union of the realistic, contemporary and practical fighting systems.

The meaning ‘street fighting’ aims to give realistic sense to the fighting but refers to scientific street-fighting art by professional fighters instead of the literal meaning – fighting on the streets by amateur tramps.

The I.S.U has as its members the leading teachers and fighters of the realistic martial arts from all over the world.
The headquarters of the organization are in the USA, Thailand and Greece.

The goal of the I.S.U is to develop and to promote the realistic fighting systems through the international and worldwide tournaments, conferences, seminars and etc.

Every individual or school practicing realistic martial arts can become a member of the I.S.U and the registration is completely free of charge.
All members of the I.S.U are granted the following benefits:

  1. They have the privilege to belong to an officially recognized and certified World Organization that promotes realistic martial arts.
  2. They are able to receive internationally recognized certificated diplomas of Black Belt and of World-Class Instructor.
  3. They may register their students as members and to issue them Belts.
  4. They have the opportunity to participate and to teach in World seminars and conferences together with the world leading teachers of martial arts.
  5. They may participate in the International Street-fighting Championship (once a year) or in the World Championship (once every 2 years).
  6. They may become national or international directors and this way to promote their school or their organization.
  7. They may certify their own created method or style of martial arts, as well as to receive a recognition certificate of that system.
  8. They have complete autonomy and freedom to promote any style or technique of martial arts.

The I.S.U unites all the Reality Based Martial Arts around the World. Become a part of evolution!